In partnership with the Veteran Mentors Network, I’d like to invite any and all current health professionals interested in providing mentorship to veterans pursuing careers in healthcare to join VMN and link up via LinkedIn. VMN offers opportunities for veterans and separating servicemembers to explore opportunities across several industries by making connections and building relationships with folks in those industries and others pursuing similar interests. 

In healthcare, the value of mentorship from folks who know the industry well cannot be overstated. The path from interest to education to realizing your dream can be complex, confusing, expensive, and intimidating. I didn’t have much guidance (or any guidance, for that matter) from anyone who had been through it while I was trying to map out my path–and while that was not insurmountable it did set me back. Just being able to chat–even if briefly–with someone who knows the whole process and can provide insight into each step is invaluable to a veteran hoping to realize their dream.

So again, if you happen to be an MD, PA, registered nurse, or any other health professional (or if you know of some!), please consider linking up with VMN and/or joining their LinkedIn group. And feel free to spread the word!

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